FEEL Slovenia Podcast

Remarkable Slovenian Women on International Women's Day

March 08, 2024 Feel Slovenia Season 3 Episode 4
FEEL Slovenia Podcast
Remarkable Slovenian Women on International Women's Day
Show Notes

Slovenia is a nation full of amazing women. Dr. Noah Charney should know—he married one. It’s also a country that celebrates Women’s Day on March 8, which makes for a great opportunity to look at some of the most remarkable Slovenian women in history.

In his captivating podcast, Charney embarks on a mission to unveil some of the most influential Slovenian women. Beginning his exploration, Charney engages in a conversation with Svetlana Slapšak, a trailblazing anthropologist and writer renowned for her insightful contributions to anthropology and classical studies, who illuminates the profound impact of Slovenian women on society. Continuing his quest, Charney speaks with Valerija Božič, the Managing Director of Visit Idrija, who shares captivating anecdotes about a woman who once captured the heart of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Aleksander Sevšek, a local guide in Celje, who delves into the intriguing lives of historical figures such as Barbara of Celje and Alma Karlin

Drawing from previous podcasts, Charney integrates insights from Ilka Štuhec, a skiing sensation, and Ana Roš, the acclaimed chef behind Hiša Franko. Charney also explains some intriguing facts about other remarkable women from Slovenia, including Janja Garnbret, the greatest climber of all times, who is also the Ambassador of Slovenian Tourism.

By shining a spotlight on these extraordinary women, Charney underscores the importance of recognizing and celebrating their contributions, both past and present. Their stories serve as a testament to the resilience, creativity and ingenuity that define Slovenian culture.

To read more about inspiring Slovenian women, follow this link. If you are curious to find out what chef Ana Roš and sports climber Janja Garnbret have in common, this story will surely inspire you.

A special thanks is owed to The Association of Slovenian Historical Towns for their invaluable assistance in sourcing relevant speakers for this episode. 

Feel Slovenia the Podcast is brought to you by the Slovenian Tourist Board and hosted by Dr Noah Charney.

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