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Printing in Slovenia: From Revolutionary Words to the World Travel Market

February 08, 2024 Feel Slovenia Season 3 Episode 2
FEEL Slovenia Podcast
Printing in Slovenia: From Revolutionary Words to the World Travel Market
Show Notes

At the Slovenian pavilion as part of the famous World Travel Market in London, the star attraction in 2023 was an enormous, old-fashioned mechanical printing press. Alongside it was shelving full of all the analogue tools of the trade a printer would need: shelf upon shelf of letters cast in lead in various fonts and sizes, inks—altogether around three tons of material that had been transported by truck from Ljubljana.
Guests could come to the pavilion and take home a beautiful souvenir colour travel poster, printed on the very machine on show, featuring Ljubljana’s market and Triple Bridge. They could also meet my guest for this episode, master printer Marko Drpic.

In this episode, we look at how printing of books in particular helped Slovenia toward independence, and how tourists can participate in their own printmaking workshops while visiting.

At the old print shop in Ljubljana, you can become a manual typesetter, designer, and printer. You’ll select the letters for the alphabet poster and learn how carefully they need to be set to make a good impression. You’ll select the colour of the alphabet and apply the ink to the letters. Then you can make the first impression. And probably a second one and perhaps another until the poster is perfect. 

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has designated Art and Culture as the overarching communication theme for 2024 and 2025. Cultural tourism, renowned for its sustainability, appeals to travellers seeking authentic experiences, a deep connection with local heritage, and a genuine immersion in artistic creativity. With its top artists, a year-round calendar of inspiring events, and a wealth of cultural heritage, Slovenia is poised to captivate visitors 365 days a year.

Feel Slovenia the Podcast is brought to you by the Slovenian Tourist Board and hosted by Dr Noah Charney.

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Urska Charney

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