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Slovenia's Wine Traditions: From Saint Martin's Day to Orange and Gold Wines

November 10, 2023 Feel Slovenia Season 2 Episode 13
FEEL Slovenia Podcast
Slovenia's Wine Traditions: From Saint Martin's Day to Orange and Gold Wines
Show Notes

Na zdravje! That’s "cheers" in Slovenian, and it’s an apt opening for this episode, which is all about Slovenian wine.  Join us as we uncork the rich tapestry of Slovenia's wine traditions, exploring the vast landscapes of vineyards and hearing from some top experts who guide us through the nuanced art of wine appreciation. Let's see what they recommend drinking when you’re in the terroir. White, red, orange or gold—Slovenia’s wines are award-winning, world class, and each glass tells the story of its homeland.

In this episode, Dr. Noah Charney talks with Caroline Gilby, a British wine expert who writes for the famous Decanter magazine, Aleks Simčič, a renowned wine producer from Goriška Brda, Tomaž Kavčič, a Slovenian Michelin-starred chef, and Maja Pečarič, the 2023 Queen of Wine.

If you want to learn more about Slovenian wines, visit the Taste Slovenia portal and discover all you wanted to know about the grape varieties present in Slovenia, three distinct wine-growing regions (Primorska, Posavje and Podravje) and about the natural wines, which are gaining on popularity.

We also invite you to read more about St. Martin's Day, the most important celebration of wine in Slovenia, observed on 11 November and extending its joyous spirit for a week or two thereafter. This vibrant celebration extends beyond Slovenia's wine-growing regions, stretching from the sun-kissed Mediterranean Sea to the expansive Pannonian plains. The air is filled with the clinking of glasses, laughter, and the intoxicating aroma of freshly pressed grapes. Join the celebrations and witness the transformation of must into wine, as locals come together to honour this timeless tradition and savour the fruits of the harvest season. St Martin's Day is not just a celebration; it's a sensory journey through the soul of Slovenian winemaking, where every vine tells a story and every sip is a toast to tradition.

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