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Inside Slovenia’s Role at the Frankfurt Book Fair

October 26, 2023 Feel Slovenia Season 2 Episode 12
FEEL Slovenia Podcast
Inside Slovenia’s Role at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Show Notes

In this special episode, our host Dr. Noah Charney reports from the front lines of the Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2023, Slovenia is the guest of honour at this world’s largest book fair. What is it like to be there and how is Slovenia presenting its literary output to the world?

Along with exclusive interviews with Katja Stergar, director of the national Slovenian Book Agency, and Miha Kovac, Slovenia’s program director for the book fair, Noah will be your insider guide.

The Frankfurt Book Fair stands as one of the most significant events in the German market, where the STB reinforces Slovenia's visibility through promotional and communication activities. For this reason, a series of intensive promotional activities, with a specific focus on addressing guests seeking cultural experiences, were held. Additionally, the STB also unveiled its main tourism promotional theme for 2024-2025: Art and Culture.

Leading up to, during, and after the Frankfurt Book Fair, the STB has promoteed Slovenia as a green boutique destination with a rich cultural heritage, using quotes from eminent Slovenian authors, poets, and writers like Slavoj Žižek, Srečko Kosovel, and Kajetan Kovič, complemented by captivating images of Slovenia. This advertising campaign ran from October 13 to 23, primarily targeting the German state of Hessen, with a particular focus on Frankfurt.

In addition, a special landing page dedicated to Frankfurt Book Fair was launched in three languages: Slovenian, English, and German. The site provides information about the fair itself and underscores the significance of tourism, emphasizing its role in promoting tourist products, Slovenian culture, and diversity.

At the beginning of the year, the STB created a landing page highlighting Slovenian art and culture, using it to launch a new cultural video that also served as an announcement for the book fair. The video features the host of this podcast, Dr. Noah Charney.

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