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Hi-Tech Meets an Alpine Jewel: NFTs and the Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure

July 05, 2023 Feel Slovenia Season 2 Episode 10
FEEL Slovenia Podcast
Hi-Tech Meets an Alpine Jewel: NFTs and the Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure
Show Notes

NFT could stand for New Format Tourism, but it actually means Non-Fungible Token, and it’s linked to blockchain technology. Slovenia was the first country to use NFTs to promote tourism. In this episode, Dr. Noah Charney visited the Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure, a groundbreaking three-day event, for which 15 esteemed foreign media representatives exchanged their exclusive NFTs given to them at WTM London last November. During the event, which took place in Bohinj,  the journalists stayed at the exquisite Bohinj Hotel, providing them with a comfortable and convenient base for their immersive exploration of the region.

Dr. Noah Charney spoke with Klemen Langus, Director of Bohinj Tourism, Aljoša Ota, the Director of the Representative Office of the Slovenian Tourist Board in Italy, Tadej Slapnik, the CEO of Hashnet, and Tanja Bivic Plankar, the Chair of Blockchain Alliance Europe, and discussed both how cutting-edge technology is being used to promote tourism, and how Bohinj can become the “living room” for its guests.

The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure represents an innovative approach to promoting Slovenian tourism, bridging the gap between digital assets and tangible value. By integrating advanced technology, the project emphasizes the importance of responsible attitudes towards nature and raises awareness about disappearing plant and animal species in the Julian Alps, such as the Alpine mynah and the wild rooster. The STB and the Julian Alps highlight the crucial link between nature and humans, underscoring that the future of the planet relies on this awareness.

During the event, journalists attended the International Wild Flower Festival, learned about preserving nature's balance and biodiversity, and experienced the fragility of ecosystems and the importance of sustainable solutions and responsible travel. The sensory experience served as a reminder to immerse oneself in the environment with all senses. The event also featured a special dinner prepared by Michelin-starred chef Uroš Štefelin.

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Urska Charney

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