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The Endless Honeymoon: HoneyTrek's Mike and Anne Howard on Slovenia and Traveling the World

February 14, 2023 Feel Slovenia Season 2 Episode 3
FEEL Slovenia Podcast
The Endless Honeymoon: HoneyTrek's Mike and Anne Howard on Slovenia and Traveling the World
Show Notes

When Americans Mike and Anne Howard set off on their honeymoon back on January 22 2012, they thought they'd spend a year travelling the globe. 11 years later and counting, they're still on the same honeymoon. They just kept on traveling and doing it the right way. They're focused on sustainable travel, destinations and modes of transport. Slow travel overland with as few flights, as possible to the environmentally conscious consumption. There are vegans who avoid plastic and drink only UV light-treated tap water, never bottled. They've lived out of a backpack for more than a decade.

Along the way, they managed to shift their endless vacation into a profession and lifestyle. They write for magazines, run a popular blog named HoneyTrek, handle social media platforms and collaborate with tourism boards all over the world. They've also published a pair of books, including Comfortably Wild, an elegant coffee table book about glamping, and the National Geographic book, Ultimate Journeys for Two. They've been featured in major media from Los Angeles Times to Travel & Leisure. And they even do travel and glamping consulting for companies and individuals.

One of their favourite destinations and one they're eager to return to is Slovenia. They visited it last September and fell in love with it. They traveled around with an electric vehicle and explored the alpine peaks, the Adriatic coast, wine country, historic villages, and the culinary scene. In the podcast, they unveil their favourites in Slovenia and when they first heard about it:

"In 2016 or 17, Slovenia won the Green Destination Award, and it came on our radar because we've been focusing more on sustainable travel and pushing our audience, and ourselves, to think about the footprint we leave as travellers."

How do you pack for a decade-long journey? What’s the relationship secret of a couple who spend 24 hours a day together, 7 days a week, for more than 600 weeks running? Keep listening to find out.

"Obviously, life is different for us, maybe it's a little slower. Sometimes it's a little faster. But there's all sorts of crazy hacks."

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