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Jože Plečnik: Slovenia’s Architectural Shining Star

January 23, 2024 Feel Slovenia Season 3 Episode 1
FEEL Slovenia Podcast
Jože Plečnik: Slovenia’s Architectural Shining Star
Show Notes

This episode is all about Jože Plečnik, Slovenia’s greatest architect and, according to the host of Feel Slovenia the podcast, Dr. Noah Charney, Slovenia's greatest artist in any medium.

Plečnik is the darling of architectural historians but he is not a household name the way his contemporaries, Antoni Gaudi, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, are. That is largely because he chose to do most of his work in his hometown of Ljubljana, away from the grand artistic centers of Modernism.

To get to know Plečnik, there is no better place to visit than Ljubljana. And to learn more about him, Dr. Noah Charney spoke to two experts, Ana Porok of the Plečnik House Museum and Peter Krečič, former director of the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana—and his PhD mentor, as Charney's own doctoral dissertation was on the life and work of this brilliant architect.

Architect Jože Plečnik's masterpieces in Ljubljana have earned a distinguished place on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, acknowledging their exceptional cultural and natural heritage significance. Learn more about his work.

Also, we invite you to embark on an exciting Slovenia Unique Experience named "Master Plečnik". The tour will take you through UNESCO's Ljubljana with Plečnik, delving into the world of this visionary master. Join a small-group experience to intimately explore Plečnik's legacy and follow the trail of his plans and visions, gaining unique insights into his achievements and discovering countless fascinating architectural details.

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